A Remembrance Of Kisses Past

The very first kiss - special moment or awkward embrace?

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A Remembrance Of Kisses Past
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First Kiss: Julia Pistell & Jacques Lamarre
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A Remembrance Of Kisses Past
First Kiss: Julia Pistell & Jacques Lamarre

A first kiss should be great. But it almost never is. Did anyone have a first kiss that was heavenly? We'll find out today.

As one of our guests points out, a kiss is usually our first sexual expereience.  In fact, if it's not, there's a good chance that something almost literally out-of-order has transpired. But we almost never know how to do it right. In one of Salinger's short stories a little boy asks, apropos of nothing, "Why do people in movies kiss sideways?" And a soldier answers: perhaps because their noses are too big and get in the way.
Going into our first kiss, we're all that little boy, in a state of wonder and confusion. 
But in life, there are many first kisses. Each new set of lips is its own first kiss.
What was your first kiss like? Share your story by e-mailing colin@wnpr.org or tweeting us @wnprcolin.




Great show (I missed the first twenty minutes so I missed your tale. I'll have to listen to it tomorrow)
I suddenly realized when you announced this on Wednesday, that I could no longer remember my first kiss, though I am pretty sure I used to. But I DO remember two VERY memorable kisses.

The first was in high school. I was waiting at the motorcycle parking area (Florida, nearly everyone with a learner's permit had a bike-under 5 bhp. Definitely NOT Hogs!) There were a couple of "real" motorcycle guys, hanging out, smoking cigarettes (bad boys!) one of them started flirting, kind of coming on to me. I held my books closer and protested that I was waiting for my boyfriend , who'd be there ANY MINUTE! Well, suddenly he grabbed me, and laid one on me, HARD and deep, forceful. I pushed away, but had to admit to myself that I felt a thrill, I really remember the smoky smell of his mustache. Being very highly anti-smoking, that REALLY made it forbidden, hence more thrilling.
The second was additionally a "stolen" kiss. My then-husband and I would meet his best friend and his wife every Thursday after work at the old Poor Richards Pub and Cinema for dinner and a movie.we always met with a "cross-couple" perfunctory peck on the lips. On this night, I think the best friend forgot who we was kissing, and unthinking, started to slip me the tongue. Suddenly remembering who he was kissing, he pulled back, and we separated. No one seemed to notice, and neither of us ever mentioned it again, but to this day , maybe 30 years later, that "almost kiss" still haunts me.

Yeah, I know. I really sound like a Pollyanna, but I'm not and wasn't't then either.

E-mail from Walter

Hi Colin;

Well, I guess my story is the opposite of many. My first kiss was so great. We were both 16. The girl was such a great kisser. I am an old man now, and have known my share of women, but none of them ever came close to her. It was heaven.

- Walter

E-mail from Patrice

How can there be "performance issues" with regard to kissing? A man can't get his lips up?? ;-)

I do recall thinking I didn't know where to put my nose (and it's not even a big one). And hoping my breath wasn't bad. My Dad used to make jokes about two kids with braces kissing -- he'd make a little clicking sound with his thumbnails one against each other. Needless to say, I found that not so hilarious at the time.

You should tell the story of your first kiss!

P.S. I'm the one who called with the story about my first kiss that was from the man who molested me… it's fascinating that I NEVER thought of that as my first kiss until I called. I always thought about the teenage boys who kissed me when I wanted to be kissed, at about 16. But the other one was before that. I guess I didn't count it as a kiss. Just another unwelcome advance.