Immigration Reform

Where does Connecticut stand on the issues as the White House pushes for change?

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Camila Bortolleto, policy coordinator for Connecticut Students for a DREAM.
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State Senator Martin Looney.
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Diane Alverio, publisher of
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Immigration Reform
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Immigration Reform

President Obama has called on both parties in Congress to send him an immigration reform package - saying in his State of the Union address that “now is the time to get it done.” He’s vowed to let Congress do its work...but in the last few days, we learned that the President has crafted his own proposal. Many in Congress see it as a priority, too.

Senator Richard Blumenthal says new legislation would “bring people out of the shadows” - though immigrants might have a very long wait for citizenship while the national border is secured, and they’d have to learn how to speak English.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, groups are working to push for their own reform. After passage of a bill that allows children of undocumented immigrants to get in-state tuition rates, another proposal looks to extend them financial aid. And, there’s a move to make state driver’s licenses available for undocumented immigrants, too. 

Of course - a lot of the big attention to immigration in the state has happened at the town level...we’ll check in on Danbury, New Haven and East Haven - which have all made the news around this issue.

We’re talking about immigration on Where We Live and the Colin McEnroe Show today on WNPR.