The Story of Malaga Island, Maine

"A story best left untold"

Photo montage by Kate Philbrick, 2009.
The Story of Malaga Island, Maine
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The Story of Malaga Island, Maine

The state of Maine has never been considered a “diverse” place - the population of blacks has always been less than one percent. And as you can imagine, this minority group hasn’t always been treated well. Today we'll talk to a radio producer who dug into the history of one very small mixed race community - 45 adults and children  - who lived on Malaga Island in Southern Maine, after the Civil War to the turn of the 20th century. 

In 1912, all 45 residents were kicked off the island by the state of Maine - an act motivated by economics, racism, eugenics and political retribution. The community was erased, and for generations descendants haven’t talked much about their history. They are only now beginning to speak up.

Rob Rosenthal explored this little-known history in an hour long documentary called Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold.

He’ll be at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford Thursday 2/21 at 7PM.