Living In Inter-Political & Inter-Faith Marriages

Find out how strange bedfellows make it work!

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Otis Dancy, Aprill Shines.
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Cynthia Farrar.
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Aprill Shines.
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Otis Dancy.
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Living In Inter-Political & Inter-Faith Marriages
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Living In Inter-Political & Inter-Faith Marriages

I spent one night in the company of James Carville and Mary Matalin, in the course of being their onstage moderator at the Bushnell. My lasting impression was that these were two people whose primary loyalty was to each other. To an unusual degree, when there was down time, they wanted to be alone, together, door closed. I don't know how they sort out their extreme political differences, but I think the answer lies somewhere in what I just said,. 

One of Connecticut's most famous power couples is nominally purple. Pat Sullivan is a Republican. His wife Paddi Leshane is a Democrat. That means the powerful lobbying and PR firm of Sullivan & Leshane is never preemptively shut out of any activity, no matter who's in power. Today on the show, you'll meet purple couples who aren't so high profile. They may give hope to a divided land.
To see the video of some of the inter-political couples talking about their experiences, click here: "Strange Bedfellows - When Democrats Wed Republicans".
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I always thought that the partnership between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger was incomprehensible. There is nothing that could kill a sexual attraction, even with someone so superlatively virile, like any waft of insensitivity to or contempt for vulnerable people in society and for our fragile world. To me it is the difference between having a soul or not.

And of course he proved himself to be, in the words of Cal Thomas, a total reprobate.


We should all be so fortunate as to be "purple". We see time and again that when the scales tip heavy to the left or right, crap will fall downhill either way. Relationships often entail compromise and good ones exhibit strong communication- something that often lacks within our own government entities. Perhaps having a little purple in all of our lives would enable humanity to gather a more balanced, rational, holistic perspective. After all, we should be the change we want to see and lead by example- what better place to start than with those whom we love most....
My partner and I have a great deal in common, we also have our differences. Fortunately, we respect one another as human beings to behold those differences. I am former military, combat veteran, fairly aggressive- I thrive on adrenaline, love getting dirty and believe in exerting personal strength and force in lieu of shirking or kowtowing before someone. My man, is calm, rational (more-so than I). If someone finds fault with him he ignores it, their issue with him is not his problem. I wish I could be so uninvolved in other people's perspectives. Anyhow -he is non aggressive and not really supportive of the military ways of life, ideologies, missions. I understand- I'm not 100% on board myself (I was the (aggressive hippie chick with a holster) He doesn't put me down for my role in destabilizing a region - he certainly doesn't embrace me as a hero but he respects it as a part of my life. He is my balance. Through his calm and different nature, he reminds me that my opinions and experiences are not the only things in this world- he broadens my life day by day. I am a better person for everyday that I have with him and am grateful to our love and ability to communicate these ideologies to one another. I don't pick sides, I choose to swim in the grey ocean.