How Shortening The Leash On Ethical Watchdogs Could Impact Connecticut

An analysis of oversight in Connecticut government.

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How Shortening The Leash On Ethical Watchdogs Could Impact Connecticut
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How Shortening The Leash On Ethical Watchdogs Could Impact Connecticut

Today, we're going to get into the wonky weeds and wade in the alphabet soup about government watchdog agencies.

Maybe it won't be all that sexy. All though maybe it will. If you want to know why these agencies exist, go back to 1973 and the famous Saturday Night Massacre. Special prosecutor Archibald Cox issued a subpoena for some of President Nixon's Oval Office tapes. Nixon tried to get Cox to back down, and when he wouldn't, Nixon ordered him fired. Two American heroes, Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus, resigned rather than fire Cox.  And yes, Inspector General Robert Bork was the guy who fired Cox.
It was a scary moment. But that's what it looks like when the chief executive can fire the guy who's investigating him. So we set up a bunch of agencies that would be independent. And we might be about to lose some of that
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E-mail from David

Hi my name is David and we have a small but growing group of people that want to stop the State DEEP from knocking down all the buildings at the former Sunrise Resort in Moodus, now Sunrise State park.
there is virtually nothing wrong with these eighty three 83 buildings beside the vandalism that DEEP allowed by not boarding up and being proper stewards. "Save Sunrise Resort-Bldgs" -(join on facebook) 860 796 4533

The tie in with today's show topic is that we should cherish these watchdog agencies and they really should be able to work by some budget mechanism that allows them to function without distracted by their own budget. Although I wonder if one of these, or which of these watchdog agencies can help us save these buildings and/review DEEP Etsy & Goveroer??
In addition there really needs to be a clearinghouse or like a universal portal to enter into attempting to challenge a State Bureaucratic action. It is nearly impossible as a lay person to begin any type of review or reconsideration of a State action.

We involved in this effort to block the DEEP from ruthlessly and unnecessarily destroying all these wonderful and charming buildings,
(at great public expense mind you, properly boarding up and cleaning is WAY cheaper), have experienced a ghastly run-around, refusal to respond to phone calls, no email response, from DEEP, Governor, Rep Ziobran , etc. We need direction and don't know where to turn!!!
We need an office to go in Government watchdogs just to tell us who to petition for change. Yes it can be that hard. So, to diminish their work by making them accountable to executive or legislative, would make challenging all government decision that more difficult. Which is nearly impossible for the average citizen.