A Salute To Firewood

From Norway to Norwalk, firewood is a big freakin' deal!

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Johnathon Henninger, photographer & firewood philosopher.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Marilyn Rossetti Executive Director of Open Hearth.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Chris Martin, Director/State Forester & Foliage Czar, CT DEEP.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Johnathon made us baggies to put lint into for starting fires!
Photo:Chion Wolf
A Salute To Firewood
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A Salute To Firewood

We started thinking about this show because of a much-circulated New York Times article on a Norwegian prime time TV show, watched by one-fifth of the population there, about firewood. The show was inspired by a bestseller called “Solid Wood: All About Chopping, Drying and Stacking Wood — and the Soul of Wood-Burning."

In the first few minutes they got 60 text messages complaining about the way the wood was being stacked. Apparently in Norway, wood stacking is analogous to those barbecues where five guys stand around one guy telling him how to grill stuff.

But it was that phrase "the Soul of Wood-Burning" that I kept coming back to. Because when you talk to firewood addicts -- the people who pull a U-turn when they drive by some usable downed wood by the road -- they do talk about a different state of mind and a zen connection to where their heat comes from. So let's find out about that on today's show.

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A very pithy program on wood burning today. Thanks for running it. I thought you might be interested in a piece I posted on my website a couple years ago entitled “Woodpile Art.” It fits well with today’s theme.

If you are interested go to: http://davidkleff.typepad.com/home/2010/12/woodpile-art.html


In Redding CT is Davis Logging Company...they sell firewood and wood
chips from the trees logged locally around CT...also, local tree
removal and tree pruning companies sell firewood, as well.
Thanks...love your show!