'The Art Of Making Magazines' In The Digital Age

We explore magazine culture with editors and writers.

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Dushko Petrovich
Dushko Petrovich is the editor of Paper Monument and an instructor at Yale University. Photo:Chion Wolf
'The Art Of Making Magazines' In The Digital Age
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'The Art Of Making Magazines' In The Digital Age

Here are some of the magazine's I've written for: Mirabella, Men’s Health, Mademoiselle, Best Life, Verge ...

At all of the above I was a contributing editor. And Verge was a long-gone Times-Mirror imprint, not to be confused with the hip new The Verge. I also wrote for Cosmo (don’t ask), Metropolitan Home, New Woman, Forbes FYI, Bicycling (where I may even now be a contributing editor), Backpacking, TWA Ambassador (I think that’s what it was called), Commonweal.
In all of these cases, I was essentially writing for the print product, the thing that arrives in the mail or on the newstand. But when I think about how I read magazines these days, it's a very different story. And vthat's what our show is about today. 
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