First 'Passive House' Built In Harwinton

Paul and Diane Honig's House Won The Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge.

The Honigs
Photo:UI/Energize Connecticut
Connecticut Passive House
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Connecticut Passive House


The first passive house has been built in Connecticut. 
The term passive house refers to a rigorous standard of energy efficiency. Passive houses require very little energy to heat and cool. There are thousands of passives houses in Europe, but only about a hundred have been built in the US. 
Paul and Diane Honig's home in Harwinton was built to the passive house standard, and earlier this week won the Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge overall award. Connecticut Light and Power's Enoch Lenge says the Honig's house is the most energy efficient house he has even seen:
Passive houses cost around 5 to 10 percent more than a normal house to build, but Lenge says the extra cost is worth it. The Honig's pay nothing for electricity, and actually sells their energy surplus to Connecticut Light and Power.