Gun Laws Changing State-By-State

Next state to enact stronger gun legislation is expected to be CT.

Senate President Don Williams
Photo:Chion Wolf
Gun Laws Changing State-By-State
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Gun Laws Changing State-By-State

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, support for gun control laws was up to 57-percent according to a CBS News poll - it has since dropped 10 percent.

So did gun control advocates lose their momentum? Not in Connecticut. The legislature is expected to pass a gun bill later today. It’s not as strong as Governor Dannel Malloy previously wanted, but he says it’s a step in the right direction.

“This bill is a very good bill, very far reaching, arguably the most comprehensive in the country,” said Malloy.

But even with some of the strongest state gun laws in the U.S., how effective will it be without federal legislation?

Today, we’ll talk with lawmakers about the bill and check-in with reporters in Washington about the prospects of federal legislation...something President Obama will be pushing for when he comes to University of Hartford on Monday.

We’ll also check-in with New York and Colorado - states that have passed their own gun laws since Newtown.