Colin McEnroe Show: Yoga And The 'Great Oom'

Yoga has arrived in the mainstream.

Rebecca Willman
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Colin McEnroe Show: Yoga And The 'Great Oom'
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Colin McEnroe Show: Yoga And The 'Great Oom'

I graduated from high school in 1972, sort of the tail end of the Age of Aquarius, and one of my my class mates, Ned Fielden, did yoga. But Ned was the only one, and I'm not even sure how he figured out what yoga was or how to do it. Yoga was part of the 60s, but it was low on the priority list, far behind sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The only other yoga practitioner I met for the next ten years was Don Noel, the legendary politics reporter for the Hartford Times and WFSB. Noel did yoga in the hallway during interminable hearings and gubernatorial ditherings, when blood supply to one's head was scarce. Believe me, in the cigarettes and coffee culture of the press in those days, Don stood out.
And then, one day around Y2K, yoga was suddenly mainstream. So mainstream that I practiced it very seriously for five years. But what is it? Has America changed it?
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Only a certified yoga teacher

Only a certified yoga teacher can teach yoga in a proper way. It is obviously needed an expert teacher who wants a safe practice.
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Samadhi Yoga Studio

I have studied and practiced with Anne and Matt since 2005. I am SO proud to have been taught by them. PLEASE, if you practice or want to practice yoga and you're in the area, Samadhi is an AMAZING studio. Jai Anne and Matt!

Listener E-mail from Patty

Great show. After 9 or 10 years at Samadhi, I "shopped around" for another studio and ended up back at Samadhi. It is a good space. Love you guys. Patty

Listener E-mail from Sandra

I found out about the yoga show from one of my students.
Your guests were excellent; they spoke very intelligently about the topic, and I think they did a great service to the yoga community; the author was interesting too.

And thanks for mentioning me with such kindness. Come again if and when you want to.

By the way, my studio is called Yoga in Middletown, not Middletown Yoga (many make that mistake,

and perhaps I should have named it differently way back when) If any listeners want to find me perhaps

I can contact them with information if it is not too much trouble to forward their info to me.

Listener E-mail from Karl

I was taking a yoga series at my workplace, by a respected and well-known local. One time our instructor didn't show up. The twenty of us pretty much did the class collectively, leaderlessly, remembering pose after pose and detail and variation for 45 minutes. That was such a cool thing to be a part of, and it was totally unplanned. I never would have guessed I could do that.


PS One more vote for "low and slow" poses. My back, especially, wishes to be eased into position and maintain it.

PPS If you're floating ideas, how about infrared cameras outside your studio so you can be kept from infringing on the Bikram trademark poses?

Listener E-mail from Bill

I teach and practice Tantric yoga.

We use yoga and various techniques as pranayama, doshas, gunas, and bhavana to create specific effects.

Listener E-mail from Elena

I find the modified poses taught by Gary Kraftsow to be extremely beneficial to my practice. I have hip, shoulder and psoas problems and the modified poses are directed and work to relieve pain and build flexibility.