Town Officials Learn About Transit Oriented Development

Crash course on planning for TOD, zoning, and funding.

MetroNorth station in New Haven.
Photo:Sean Marshall (Flickr Creative Commons)
Interview with Roger Reynolds
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Interview with Roger Reynolds

Officials from towns in Fairfield and New Haven counties got a crash course on transit oriented development.

Roger Reynolds is the senior staff attorney for the Connecticut Fund for the Environment. He helped create the toolkit and he gave us a crash course on TOD.

Reynolds says taking a TOD will create more of a community and use the resources that we already have.

"We have the nation's busiest railline in MetroNorth and if we're not capitalizing on that, we're really losing an opportunity," said Reynolds. He added that TOD is not "rocket science" for cities and towns.

You can find out more about Transit Oriented Development from the Connecticut Fund for the Environment here.