The Nose: Run Tell Obama, George Jepsen Is Smoking Hot

Our panelists round up the week in pop culture and politics.

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The Nose: Run Tell Obama, George Jepsen Is Smoking Hot
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The Nose: Run Tell Obama, George Jepsen Is Smoking Hot

Today on the Nose, we're going to talk about looks. 

By now you probably know that President Obama stirred up a tempest this week when, after praising California Attorney General Kamala Harris as brilliant, dedicated and tough, he called her "the best-looking attorney general in the country."
He meant it in a light-hearted way, but some critics have jabbed at him for including physical appearance in an appraisal of a woman's job performance.
Meanwhile, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford surprised people by winning a primary and becoming the nominee for a seat in Congress.
Accepting the nomination, he was accompanied by his Argentine fiancee, who may or may not be good looking. His opponent will be Stephen Colbert's sister, whom a Republican official called "not a bad looking lady." What's up with looks?
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On last week's Nose you spent a considerable amount of time discussing Pres. Obama's possibly offensive introduction of Kamala Harris, the hot attorney general. As I always want to say, if calling me attractive is offensive than please do offend but my opinion does not really matter. I am hoping that in light of recent circumstances you will revisit the issue on Friday's show. While the President has issued an apology to make people like Mitch McConnel (who incidentally couldn't attract an attractive female turtle) shut up, Vladimir Putin was recently seen given a two thumbs up to some toppless government protesters. How I love this man who flies through Russian skies in his little flying machine saving birds, avoiding meteors and flying cows on Russian roads and treating protests like a "Girls Gone Wild" video. America needs to chill the f#*k out and ask ourselves "What would Putin do?" whenever we decide to condemn someone for being human. (The exception of course being Pussy Riot, those ladies offended Putin's deep religious convictions)

Email from Alicia

Given that there is so many bigger fish to fry our culture I should think that we should only be offended if the Atty. Gen. is offended.

Email from Chirs

If W had said it ... everyone would be up in arms, so I think the same applies to Obama. I guess the difference is just that I like and trust Obama so it seems sorta sweet and funny from him, while from W it would have been awkward and awful.