Most Connecticut Snakes Aren't Venomous

Four species are endangered.

Fusco milk snake
Connecticut Snakes
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Connecticut Snakes

State environmental officials have joined a national campaign to raise awareness about local snakes. 

There are 14 native snake species in Connecticut. But only the Timber rattlesnake and the Northern copperhead are venomous. Cathy Herz, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Environmental Protection, says these snakes tend to stay undercover. 
"Most people really don't see the venomous snakes that we have here." 
Snakes, which come out in warmer temperatures, play an important role in the environment both as predators and prey for other animals. 
There are four types of snakes in the state that are endangered. It's illegal to kill the Eastern Hog-nosed, Ribbonsnake, Smooth Greensnake, and Timber Ratlesnake. 
"If you see them and you leave them alone, they're going to go off on their own and there's no reason to kill them," Herz said.
A lot of people don't like snakes. But DEEP is hoping to to change that.
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