The Digestive System Gets No Respect

Taking a Closer Look at Our "Second Brain"

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Dr. Joe Cappa, gastroenterologist at Connecticut GI and Hartford Hospital
Photo:Chion Wolf
The Digestive System Gets No Respect
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The Digestive System Gets No Respect


OK, there's warning out on this show.
We're going to talk pretty graphically about the digestive system, about how Elvis died, about flatulence, about roughage, and fecal transplants.
Most of the time we will be dispensing useful medical information. But there's also something funny about digestion. In fact, there's a lot that's funny about digestion. And Mary Roach, the author of "Gulp!" is both a prize-winning science writer and a person who cannot stifle her own amusement at some of the things she writes about. 
I guess I'm sort of admitting that this show may dip below the waterline of normal public radio standards. Actually, I'm probably admitting it will start there and dip further still. Unless you're British, in which case this will be the funniest radio show you've ever heard, right? 
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Hello Colin,

Have you seen this bumper sticker? I endorse its wisdom:

"The road to health is paved with good intestines."

I'd heard other interviews with Mary Roach, but your approach was better (in my opinion) because of the added expertise of the other guests. And nobody else has brought up Elvis!


I really thought your show fascinating. I have barret's esophagus, diverticular syndrome, ulcerative colitis, IBS….have had colon cancer. Nevertheless, I'm fine. Obviously every word those guys were fascinating to me. Maybe I'm an oddity. Keep up the good work, my audio friend.


I am one of joe cappa's partners
One of the few women Gi " janes" who has been dishing out flatus and burping ie " gulp" secrets for the last 19 yrs
I did enjoy your sense of humor about one of the most perverse organs in the human body that refuses to be tamed and every So "often" lets you know it is not being " serviced " enough
And as I do kid around with my " old" fellow sufferers ....the car has reached the 50,000 mile mark.
"Oops " time for a warranty check.
But enough said ..I did start the Pelvic floor Lab at Hartford hospital round 10 yrs ago catering to those that have "excessive" constipation and god forbid " incontinence"
Maybe I am not Dr Gershon but after all these years of taking care of women( mind u men suffer as much but the (RIP) factor is more obvious versus the " suck it up" tendency ....more painful)
So since you declared it help for u is there!!!!
" chuckling since I I'd have a belly laugh at your jokes"