New Haven To Have A Night Rainbow

Laser art installation will create a laser rainbow over the Elm City.

Lasers over New York City after Hurricane Sandy last year.
Photo:Edmund White (Flickr Creative Commons)
Interview with Laura Clarke
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Interview with Laura Clarke

The City of New Haven's 375th birthday celebration will feature a laser light display.

New Haven was founded in 1638 by English Puritans. The city is celebrating it's 375th birthday this week with a hosts of activities throughout the city, culminating this Saturday with the official birthday celebration on the New Haven green.

Starting tonight, the city will be illuminated by a giant laser light art installation called Night Rainbow/Global Rainbow New Haven. Laura Clarke is from New Haven's Site Projects who commissioned the rainbow.

It is an abstraction of a natural rainbow, created by high-specification lasers and can be visible for more than 30 miles," said Clarke. "The lasers are perfectly still and they are very delicate to kind of contrast with the huge reach of the artwork."

New Haven has also coordinated it's annual restaurant week to coincide with the 375 birthday celebration. You can find out more at