Combing Through the History And Psychology Of Beards

Untangling Layers of Meaning.

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Dustin Taskar, President of the Greater Hartford Beard and Mustache Club
Photo:Chion Wolf
Andrew King who will soon grow back his beard that he shaved to raise funds for Mayla Embry
Photo:Chion Wolf
Andrew King's before & after.
Photo:@ChionWolf - Instagram
Combing Through the History and Psychology of Beards
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Combing Through the History and Psychology of Beards


Good news for bearded men published in the journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry  found that beards block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer.
Additionally, beard hair slows the aging process of skin by retaining moisture and protecting against the wind. What’s more, shaving is usually the cause of ingrown hairs and bacterial infections that lead to acne.
Bad news for bearded men: a much older study found that harmful bacteria can grab a foothold in beards. 
Confusing news for bearded men: A new study from the journal Evolution of Human Behavior says that men are their most attractive with a ten-day stubble rather than being clean-shaven or fully bearded.
Beards are confusing. You have to have one to be a wizard in Middle Earth. You can't have one and be president in 2013.

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Great topic today My love of beards goes back to watching Little House on tthe Prarie just to see Mr Edwards working at the Sawmill or even singing Bringing in the Sheeves at church. I didn't truly appreciate what well positioned facial hair could do for a woman until I dated a hairy rugby player my freshman year at UConn. Despite having nothing in common (he wore CO-ED naked lacrosse tee shirts and I wore Steal Your Face and wrap around Indian skirts )we stayed together until he shaved for a job interview. While I delight in all manner of beard I am alarmed when I see a man with a beard sans mustache. Unless you are Amish beards must be accompanied by a mustache. Breaking this simple facial fashion rule makes you look creepy and Puritanical and no woman wants the type of heat that Cotton Mather generated.
Love Sara
Ps Colin McEnroe stop with the self depreciating nonsense. Many women would comment that you are hot- the beard, the brain, the talented sexy staff. Mr Edwards got nothing on you


My husband has had his beard for over 25 years. I have never seen him without his beard. That is just fine by me.


Just a thought: are men hiding behind their fur? I was a board member at a (men's) drug and alcohol rehab center (Farrell). I once referred a client to the center and he was upset to hear that to qualify for admission he would have to shave off his beard...


The program is making me think i may have been underthinking the whole beard thing. I haven't shaved since just after release from college—33 (!) years ago. I just got tired of wasting time shaving and itchy stubble. Sometimes i think about shaving just to see how people (and me) would react, but i haven't done it yet.

As i'm listening (~ halfway through the show), it hasn't happened yet, but i'd be curious to hear about women's takes. I missed out on a couple of romantic possibilities in the past due to claimed "scratchiness," but other women seem to be fans of the facial fuzz.

Speaking of women, i wonder if there's some kind of comparison that can be made with women's leg hair. Or facial hair, for that matter.

Interesting stuff. Thanks!


So how come do you keep promoting your call-in phone number when you don't take enough calls? Can you tell how many are on the queue at any time? I called in 3 or 4 times today, 2 or 3 from my cell while making deliveries and the last time from home. I had a very good story about my life-long beard for you.
I've had my beard almost continuously from about 1965 to now, trimming to goatee or just mustache and sideburns a few times when interviewing for jobs

Initial beard when working for a subsidiary of IBM which allowed beards, didn't require dark suits and white shirts
Married with beard