Connecticut Farms Are Thriving

Producing More with the Help of Technology

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Connecticut Farms are Thriving
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Connecticut Farms are Thriving


Got an email today from a farmer we know down in Gales Ferry.
He writes: "We use new technologies on a daily basis, from our UCONN weather station with computer modeling to predict disease and insect emergence, to UV processing of our sweet cider as an alternative to pasteurization. In the orchard, we are planting new, high density orchards to make use of emerging technologies from Europe and the Carnegie Mellon Institute. These include: self driving tractors, automated mowing, mechanical pruning and mechanical harvest. We expect to have enough acreage switched over by 2014 to support the purchase of a self steering tractor."
You can tell he's a fruit farmer, because he spelled Mellon with one "l". Anyway, that's where our show is headed today -- to new technology on small Connecticut farms. 
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Golden writes:

I was just wondering if farmers are working towards a more humane treatment of farm animals. It is becoming more widely known that factory farming is a cruel and barbaric practice in regards to animal treatment, so I was wondering if that will ever change?