Get To Know Your Bike Helmet & Ride To Work!

Hear from Hartford, CT & Portland, OR about bicycling and helmets.

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Get To Know Your Bike Helmet & Ride To Work!
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Get To Know Your Bike Helmet & Ride To Work!

This weekend -- and maybe sooner -- a lot of us will buckle on bike helmets which, we hope, will protect if we topple. One the show today, we'll look a little closer at that plastic and polystryrene bubble on your noggin. The truth about it may be more complicated that you dreamed.

But that's no reason not to bike. In fact, the more people ride bicycles, the safer bicycling gets. There really is safety in numbers and more safety still as communities adapt their physical structure to bike traffic. Connecticut's trying hard to do that, but  we lag behind other states where bike-friendliness is a bigger deal.

Today on the show, we'll talk to one city -- guess which one -- where the bike is king, and find out how they did it. And we'll hear from local riders about upcoming events and their wish lists.

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I listened from about 1:20 on so I do apologized if you made this point prior. I certainly hope you did.
Cyclist bear the responsibility of obeying traffic rules and riding single file. One of your speakers mentioned that she had never heard of the DOT asking any bike related questions during driving tests....I have never seen a cyclist stopped by an officer to address a traffic violation. Perhaps bikers need a test and license. Though, since a program you did on this many months ago I have kept a mental log of the number of cyclist I have seen stop at stop signs. That would be 10%. In Simsbury, where I live, apparently bikers believe that the pretty signs and white painted bikes mean that you are welcome to bike 2 or 3 across. You are not. Our lovely roads are curvy and narrow and we ALL have to be vigilant, courteous and obey the traffic rules. I cannot bear the thought of causing harm so I do my part and you and your guests should emphasize those on bikes MUST do theirs.
At no time during the 40 minutes during which I listened did you, your guests or any callers address this issue. I do not understand this.
Please at every opportunity stress to your listeners and readers, bikers: you too follow the rules!


Good show. I ride quite a bit (100 to 200 miles a week in the summer, and all winter but fewer miles of course).

I ride a helmet every single time. I can't believe that people don't take this small step because you're pretty vulnerable out there among the cars.

My helmet is a screaming yellow Giro. I get a lot of compliments on it from people who don't ride - they tell me they can see from quite a distance. That's a huge plus as far as I'm concerned.

The only downside is the helmet was stupid expensive, nearly $300. I am lucky I can afford it (bikes are expensive, aren't they) but it was money well spent.

Hope we can get cycling to be easier. How about a mandate that requires roads with a shoulder? I've had cars chase me down because they are annoyed they've had to move a little out of the way, or slow down. (One guy chased me with a billy club, true story. I now ride with a whistle and a spray bottle of something that's natural but nasty. Haven't used it yet happily).

Probably won't ever see this in my lifetime, but a wider shoulder would be huge.

Failing that, how about just filling in the terrible potholes on the side and sweeping up the unbelievable amount of glass I've seen this spring?


Look the advances in equestrian helmets!!! Required all levels of English riding even at Olympics! must be astm certified. A certified helmet saved my life several yrs ago. Crushed helmet and severe concussion. But without it I'd be dead!


HI Colin,

Not sure if you will get this in time, but if you do please say hello to Tony for me. I would like to just bring awareness of an event called Angelride which is Memorial day weekend. Approx 350 cyclists will be biking across CT for The Hole in the Wall gang Camp, Hospital Outreach program. We will bike from Norfolk to Mystic 140 miles and just ask motorists can just be a little more cautious of those of us on the road it would be appreciated. For more information


Thank you for discussing this important topic. As a board member of the Farmington Valley Trails Council I wanted to report that one of our principle objectives now is to find ways to encourage the use of helmets for all riders. It is shocking to see families riding together on the trails where the children are wearing helmets, but the parents are not. We hope to offer information on proper fit for helmets out on the trail this summer during our trail ambassador program and encourage the use helmets.

On June 1st we will hold our annual Trails in Motion event and hope that many of your listeners will join in the fun.
We do require the use of helmets for all riders to be able to participate to keep all riders safe.


Sometimes cyclists are mean like the angry courier on Portlandia.I understand that there is a vulnerability on a bike that can make one feel defensive but hell if I have to share my car road with them then thy need to share their sidewalk and bike lane with me.


I’m a 77 yr old woman who has taken several bike trips in the past 10 years – VT, Acadia Nat’l Park, The Netherlands, and along the Danube – Bavaria to Vienna. I lived in WH for over 30 years, but now live in RI. What is with the NARROW bike lanes on Mountain Road, and with the dangerous-to-bikers bump-out curbs on some streets such as Boulevard?