The Book of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Will DSM 5 Help or Hinder the Profession of Psychiatry

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The Book of Psychiatric Diagnosis
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The Book of Psychiatric Diagnosis


According to the newly revised DSM V -- often called the Bible of psychiatry -- there are no hypochondriacs.
Hypochondriasis has been removed as a diagnosable disorder. So has Asperger's Syndrome, which has been folded into a larger Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are new disorders, including Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder and Hoarding Disorder.
But by far the biggest new syndrome in psychiatry is Complaining About the DSM V. Nobody seems to like it, ranging from people who believe that the new manual leans too heavily on the idea that psychiatric disorders are essentially biological illnesses to, well, people who think the new manual completely punts on the idea that psychiatric disorders are essentially biological illnesses.
Why should you care. What does any of this have to do with you. We'll explore that with critics and defenders of the DSM.
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Richard writes:

As was pointed out by Dr. Greenberg: how can you have a honest conversation with a person about their secrets, their innermost confusions about their life and their perspective [psychotherapy], if it’s based on the fiction that their troubles are at root medical [the implication of psychiatric “diagnosis”]?

Volunteers In Psychotherapy is a nonprofit alternative to this flawed insurance system… right here in greater Hartford.

For 14 years, people have earned strictly private psychotherapy in exchange for volunteer work they provide to the charity of their choice.

No reports on people’s private conversations are sent to insurers [and hence don’t become part of their permanent medical or employment records]…

And we just focus on people’s problems without implying to them that their problems are scientifically known to be medically caused.

Paul writes:

I'm listening to your show while working your guest just said therapists should make less! Is he high as a kite? My wife is a Marriage and Family Therapist needed a masters degree for her work ($60K student loan) and makes under $40K per year when she was working.

Now out of work (her clinic closed) and is looking for therapy jobs as far away as Norwich we live in South Windsor. She needs to make at least $6K a year over a respectable salary to pay for the commute.