What To Do About Being Too Busy

Are you really too busy? Or is it just a matter of priorities?

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What To Do About Being Too Busy
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What To Do About Being Too Busy

First off, let me apologize to all the people I have spoken to in the last couple of years who have asked me how I am. My response has invariably been, "Busy." Which, I've decided, is a crap answer. In my defense, I really meant it. I sincerely believed that the word that summed up how I am was "Busy."

But what does that even mean? I used to think it meant I have so many different jobs and work responsibilities that I'm unable to do a whole bunch of other things, although I'm not even sure what those things are.

I now think it means something else. When I say I'm busy, it really means my time is bleeding away from me in a manner that I don't really comprehend and can't even keep track of.
I'm anxious about that. I wish I didn't feel so pressed. But I realize that, "Busy" must have sounded kind of self-important.

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Such a great topic, good guests, insightful observations by them and by you.
But, you're not wasting your time, letting your life go by, or whatever exactly you said. You reach many, many people with your intelligence and ethical perspectives.
An important theological matter: purpose of life, what we are "busy" with, what we're trying to avoid, our inability to be contemplative. The book "Amusing Ourselves to Death" is still relevant after all these years.


When I was a kid (I'm 47 now) and I said, "there's nothing to do!" to my dad it would drive him nuts...he didn't understand how I couldn't find something productive to do with my downtime, and doing nothing was not expectable to either of us!