Connecticut's Freedom of Information

CT was the first state to have its own FOI commssion, we'll see how it's doing

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Colleen Murphy, FOI Commission
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Matthew Kauffman, Hartford Courant
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Jim Smith, CT Council on FOI
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Connecticut's Freedom of Information
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Connecticut's Freedom of Information

Connecticut was one of the first states to have its own Freedom of Information Commission, designed to administer and enforce FOIA laws. But things are changing.

A last minute bill passed at the legislature, limiting the release of information about Newtown - but does that set a precedent for future crime scenes?

It’s definitely got people talking about the future of FOI - and spurred the creation of a new task force to see if our current laws are relevant in a new internet age.

Wanna know about Connecticut’s so-called “sunshine law?” Wanna learn about how freedom of information can work for you?



Email from Mary

Although I would not want to see the photographs of the crime scene at Sandy Hook - and I would not want the brothers and sisters, and other children at Sandy Hook to see those photographs, those photographs ought to be available in some limited way to the public. My guess is that the photos would reveal the truly horrid damage caused by assault rifles and big magazines

No one is talking about how these assault rifles did not just kill little children and teachers, these machines probably shredded their bodies. If more people saw that what they cannot imagine, gun rights advocates might begin to realize access to new gun technology ought to be managed by better background checks . . .

Email from Cheryl

Very interesting topic but still the Council still requires some focused attention to get to the common person's level. Easy access for any citizen is necessary if they're to do the job they describe.