The NSA Story Continues, Malloy's Poll Numbers Are Down, and How Are Our Bridges Holding Up?

The Wheelhouse guests include Colin McEnroe, Ken Dixon, Neena Satija and others.

Utah Data Center, Governor Malloy at his State of the State address, Middletown's Arrigoni Bridge.
The Wheelhouse continues the conversation about the NSA, Malloy's Q Poll numbers, and the state of our bridges. Photo:Swilsonmc (Wikimedia Commons), Chion Wolf, Dan Saksa (Flickr CC)
The Wheelhouse, 6/19/2013
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The Wheelhouse, 6/19/2013

Are you surprised that this week we’re talking about Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney? Are you surprised the former thinks the NSA’s data gathering is a good idea? And that President Obama doesn’t want to be compared to the latter?

Are you surprised that our state has 406 deficient bridges? That’s slightly better than New Jersey...take that Chris Christie.

And speaking of Republican governors angling for the White House, Texas governor Rick Perry was on his “goodwill tour” of Connecticut this week - a trip that coincides with a not-so-great poll result for Dannel Mallloy.

And, it looks like one of the state’s leading “school reform” advocates is out - we’ll try to find out why with Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra.

Colin McEnroe, Ken Dixon of the CT Post and Neena Satija of WNPR and the CT Mirror join us for the Wheelhouse.