The Nose Bids Farewell To James Gandolfini

And rounds up the week in pop culture.

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The Nose Bids Farewell To James Gandolfini
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The Nose Bids Farewell To James Gandolfini
An email from regular correspondent Bill Curry regarding the passing of actor James Gandolfini: 
"I don’t think there was ever such a blend of Caligula and Everyman. At least it’s hard to think of one.
A reason people are so moved by the passing of James Gandolfini may be first; that he was so brilliant in portraying Tony’s viciousness, but also his tenderness and suffering. Second: that the vicious parts felt like superb acting and the tenderness felt like Gandolfini himself as witnessed by how sympathetic he appeared when in repose.
Often the mourning of a celebrity is a substitute for the emotional connections we so sadly repress in real life. Once in a while the connection the celebrity made feels real to me, as it does here."
Today on the Nose, a conversation about James Gandolfini and Tony Soprano, two very different guys who, working together, opened a new frontier on television.
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