A Portrait Of The 'Bro' As A Young Man

Gender, sexuality, and American masculinity.

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A Portrait Of The 'Bro' As A Young Man
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A Portrait Of The 'Bro' As A Young Man
In some ways, the 'bro' is not new. He's there, for example, in Philip Roth's "Goodbye Columbus" as Ron Patimkin, the big athletic empty-headed brother of Brenda. 
What's different is that in the 1960s, it seemed fundamentally untenable to be Ron for an extended period of time. Ron only really made sense as a college athlete, and now he's stuck with a bunch of mannerisms and interests that seem vaguely out of place.
Today's bros -- these are the guys with the popped collars, the backwards baseball hats, the high fives and the far more cutting edge handshakes -- seem determined to carry the vibe of college -- drinking games, video games, treating sexual conquest as a game -- forward toward their thirties.
This is also not a new idea, but rarely has its tribalism been so easily spotted.
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