The Fall Of Aaron Hernandez And Off-Field Violence

Aaron Hernandez
Photo:Jeffrey Beall
The Fall Of Aaron Hernandez And Off-Field Violence
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The Fall Of Aaron Hernandez And Off-Field Violence

In the modern NFL era, a position called tight end has risen to a new degree of importance. Tight ends are hybrid offensive players. The best ones are big, powerful, fearless and fleet of foot. They're able to a block huge a linebacker on a running play and, one play later, run a sharp, quick pass route.  Aaron Hernandez was one of the best.

A young Puerto Rican and Italian player out of Bristol, Connecticut, Hernandez prospered in the offense of the New England Patriots. And when I say prospered, I mean he recently signed a five year contract extension worth almost $40 million.

Yesterday, he was arrested in connection with a murder. Prosecutors claim he orchestrated the execution-style killing of a man named Odin Lloyd. The case will touch of a fresh conversation about the violence of the game, and the way it doesn't always stay on the field.




One of your points was that these men have so much down time and that's could contribute to why they get into trouble. I am a teacher and have down time in the summer - I have never gotten into trouble. And I am a track and field fan. I started to think about all the professional runners I follow, many of whom have a good amount of down time between running, eating, and sleeping. The ones I can think of make movies, run organic food businesses, write books, and build clinics in Africa during their down time.