We're Going Back to 1996

The Last Year of the Cicada

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Walter Woodward, Associate Professor of History at the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Historian
Photo:Chion Wolf
Jeff Jacobs, Sports Columnist for The Hartford Courant
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Kevin O'Toole, Culture Correspondent and Co-Host of The Culture Dogs on The University of Hartford's WWUH
Photo:Chion Wolf
Sam Hatch, Culture Correspondent and Co-Host of The Culture Dogs on The Universit of Hartford's WWUH
Photo:Chion Wolf
We're going back to 1996
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We're going back to 1996

Even if they’re not crawling all over your neighborhood as we feared, the cicadas have returned!

There’s a lot of buzz around the millions of cicadas swarming along the East coast this summer, the eggs of a brood last seen17 years ago.

And they have us thinking about the the last time they were here. 

It was 1996 and the world was a different place.

The New York Yankees won their first World Series since 1978 in an unforgettable moment for their fans.

We also elected a president, hosted the summer Olympics in Atlanta, and played with Tickle Me Elmo.  And DOMA became law.

1996 WAS a big year, but we don’t easily remember it.  It doesn’t hold the magic of 1969 or the emotional tug of 2001 in our minds.  

So, today, where we live, like the cicadas, we’re burrowing into 1996. I’d been in Connecticut for two years, and this show was a distant dream.  What were you doing?

And please don’t tell me you were doing the macerena.

Today, we’ll take a look back at the politics, sports and culture of 1996 and we want to hear from you? 

We’ve got two turntables and a microphone on Where We Live.

********* This episode originally aired on June 28, 2013. *********