The Nose: We Will Binge Watch Television Until We Die

A conversation on entertainment and aging.

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High school students from Hartford came to visit our studios today.
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The Nose: We Will Binge Watch Television Until We Die
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The Nose: We Will Binge Watch Television Until We Die
Over the last ten years, one of the hottest trends in television has been the13-episode story arc, with each of the first 12 ending in cliffhangers and question marks. 
Right on the heels of that came binge watching, which amounts to blowing past the stop sign of each cliff hanger and instantly moving onto the next episode. 
It can be intensely gratifying even if it involves a trip down a rabbit hole. If you've ever had a a co-worker -- I'm not going to mention names (Jeff Cohen) -- who was binge watching Battlestar Galactica every night, you noticed after awhile that he starts seeing the entire world in the colors of that show and explaining workplace issues in terms of Starbuck, Apollo and President Laura Roslin. So say we all. 
On The Nose today, is this a good way to consume culture? Also tornados and Oliver Sacks.
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E-mail from Janet

Can't wait to hear from him when he's 81. The man is a kind, thoughtful, brilliant physician and student of life. Every time I read everything he has written, I learn something new about humanity and about language. In your blog's second quote from Sacks' latest NYT piece, I learned what, "... I hope I can die in harness, " means. I have no doubt he will indeed, be engaged in educating us all when he goes.

E-mail from Jim

Recently I watched all sic seasons of Lost in three weeks. Did it change my life? Yes.
Today, I trust nobody because nobody is who them really seem to be.
I found out that Koreans can learn English and speak it fluently in a few short months. I now know that you can be marooned on an island with virtually no food to speak of without losing an ounce.
Also, now I have this powerful and totally irrational fear of black smoke.