Pick-Up Culture

The Good and Bad of Playing "The Game"

Playing the Game at a Nightclub in Ipswich
Photo:Saxon on Flickr Creative Commons
Pick-Up Culture
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Pick-Up Culture
To be honest, I had a little trouble grasping why we would be doing a public radio show about Pickup Artists, until I got a peek at the vast, cult-like subculture -- sometimes known as the seduction community --  with roots in published books and internet forums where gurus like Ross Jefferies and Neil Strauss are elevated to celebrity status and where concepts like neuro-linguistic programming mingle  happily with tacky sexual come-ons. 
The whole phenomenon was bigger and better organized than I would have guessed.
But then I thought: there's nothing new about shy guys. And if anything, the world of the internet exacerbates the problem, letting them while away the hours and years on World of Warcraft and other distractions rather then face the terrors of the Great Sexual Chase. 
Maybe this kind of advice is needed now more than ever.  So we're doing a show on pickup artists.