Did You Know That Dinosaurs Had Feathers?

New Science Is Rapidly Replacing Old Dinosaur Myths

In the Days of Dinosaurs
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Did You Know That Dinosaurs Had Feathers
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Did You Know That Dinosaurs Had Feathers

You may feel pretty up-to-date about dinosaurs.

Well, let me ask you this.

How did they have sex? For starters, think about a stegosaurus. Most positions you can imagine would castrate the male, assuming that dinosaurs had exterior male sex organs. We actually don't know that much about their reproductive systems. It's not the kind of thing that turns up in fossils. Today, on the show, we will tell you pretty much everything that is known -- and partly guessed -- about how dinosaurs got busy.

And how about the whole feather thing? 

It's probably sinking in that dinosaurs were more bird-like than previously suspected. Maybe you can even get your mind around the idea that a penguin is a surviving sub-species of dinosaur. But how many dinosaurs had feathers? All of them? Or only the archaeopteryx type ones? You have a lot to learn about dinosaurs.

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