A Connecticut Conversation On Race After Trayvon Martin

'The Black Community's Newtown.'

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Lt. Brian Foley
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Marilyn Alverio
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Adrienne Cochrane
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Rev. Henry Brown
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Race After Trayvon
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Race After Trayvon

You can’t turn on the TV news or check your Facebook page without encountering a conversation about the complicated tangle of race, guns and the law in the George Zimmerman case.

Is the death of Trayvon Martin, as one of our guests today has said, "The black community’s Newtown?” Is it just a high-profile example of something that happens too often in America, a young black man dying from a gunshot?

Today, where we live, we’ve gathered a panel to discuss what this case tells us about race and racism in America, and what we can do about it.

"Trayvon Martin will go down as a benchmark for what's happening in America," says Marilyn Alverio, one of our four guests.

We’re not going to retry a case that’s already been pulled apart in so many ways. Instead, we hope to hear from you about your reactions, thoughts, feelings and hopes for the future.