Blumenthal, Murphy Endorse Obama's Climate Change Plan

Environmental activists gather in Hartford.
Photo:Samaia Hernandez
Blumenthal, Murphy Endorse Obama's Climate Change Plan
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Blumenthal, Murphy Endorse Obama's Climate Change Plan
Weeks after President Barack Obama laid out a plan for dealing with global climate change, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy endorsed the strategy in Hartford. 
The climate has already changed. And it's effects are far-reaching from super storms to health issues like cardiovascular disease. Even war over essential resources like food and water. That was the message from Blumenthal and Murphy with help from a slew of officials across public health, military and environmental industries in Connecticut.  
"We have an obligation. It's a moral imperative not just a political responsibility to make sure as the president said that we do not leave a planet for the next generation that is beyond repair," Blumenthal said.
Obama's climate plan calls for control of carbon emissions from power plants. It would double energy from wind and sun, and it lays out plans for dealing with extreme weather. 
The measures face strong opposition from some members of Congress, whom Murphy says are in denial of science. 
"We're dealing with absolute radicals in the House and the Senate who deny 99.9 percent of peer reviewed science. This is not in doubt. These weather trends and these storms are caused by increased levels of carbon pollutants," he said. 
Blumenthal says most of the plan is achievable through executive action and with help from EPA head Gina McCarthy. But it still will needs wide-range support.