The Nose: Hillary Gears Up For 2016, Female Bosses & Bucketlists

The nose goes all "girl talk."

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Julie Stagis.
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The Girl Talk Edition Of The Nose
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The Girl Talk Edition Of The Nose

Are you ready for a woman to lead the country? Is it Hillary you want? And there seems to be no end to so called inappropriate behavior in the Anthony Weiner campaign.

This week, his spokeswoman used a few ugly words to describe a former intern, adding to an already disappointing stereotype about female bosses. Do bad words cut deeper when they come from women?

Today, we hear from ladies across several different fields: from Connecticut political expert Duby McDowell to a 20-something pop-culture loving reporter and a cancer-fighting comedian. 

It's a girl talk edition of The Nose. You can join the conversation. Email or tweet us @wnprcolin.