Creating Safe Communities with the Connecticut Youth Forum

a special effort to encourage conversations about violence in our lives

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Mary Lee Morrison
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Lt. Brian Foley
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Iran Nazario
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Richard Sugarman
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CT Youth Forum
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Creating Safe Communities
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Creating Safe Communities

A common thread running through any type of interpersonal conflict in whether it’s bullying in school or online, gun violence on a street corner, or abuse in a home,  is a need for safe places to live, work, and learn. It’s a fundamental human need.

Today, where we live, we’ll talk about a special effort to encourage conversations about safe communities, and ways to reduce the violence in our daily lives - whatever type of violence that may be.

It’s a continuation of our series where we welcome in students to help lead our conversation - today it’s a group from the Connecticut Youth Forum, along with experts in the field of conflict resolution.

They’re all figuring out ways young people can help to solve their own problems, stopping violence before it starts.

More information on getting involved with the Youth Forum "Violence in Our Lives" Project


Richard Sugarman, Founding President of the Connecticut Forum
Mary Less Morrison, Founder of Pax Educare, The Connecticut Center for Peace Education
Iran Nazario, Director of the Peace Builders Program at the COMPASS Youth Collaborative
Lt. Brian Foley, Commander of the Major Crimes Division at the Hartford Police Department