The Wheelhouse: Fiscal Flaming Bag of Doodie Edition

Catch up on the week's political news with our news roundtable.

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WNPR's Colin McEnroe
Photo:Chion Wolf
CT News Junkie's Christine Stuart
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CT Mirror's Keith Phaneuf
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The Wheelhouse: Fiscal Flaming Bag of Doodie Edition
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The Wheelhouse: Fiscal Flaming Bag of Doodie Edition

During yesterday’s show with Governor Malloy, he was asked whether he’s running for re-election. “I’m not running now, no,” he said.

Then, he went on to sound like someone who definitely is.

"You can’t name a recent governor who’s had net job growth. I’m the one. No others."

Today, on our weekly news roundtable The Wheelhouse we have an all-star panel to pull apart the threads of our conversation with the governor.

The panel includes budget reporter Keith Phaneuf of the Connecticut Mirror, Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie, and our own “Boughton-ologist” Colin McEnroe, who can break down the candidacy of Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton into a series of 1992 hip-hop references.

We also talk about a big change coming at the top for NPR.

"Well, no scandal, no drama. But Gary Knell said simply he had an offer that was too appealing to pass up," said NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik.

Folkenflik has had to cover his network’s drama more than he’d probably like. He joins us to consider the future of public radio as Gary Knell goes to National Geographic.



  • Colin McEnroe - Host of the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR
  • Christine Stuart - Editor of
  • Keith Phaneuf - Budget reporter for the Connecticut Mirror
  • Neil Vigdor - Political reporter for the Hearst Connecticut newspapers
  • David Folkenflik - Media correspondent for NPR