How Asexuals View The World

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Kathy Way
Photo:Chion Wolf
How Asexuals View The World
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How Asexuals View The World
If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, asexuals seem like brothers and sisters from a distant solar system. 
Western societies are gradually growing accustomed -- with varying degrees of comfort -- to the initials in LGBT, but what about A? On our show today. we'll explore the idea that some people have no sexual orientation -- not because of a hormonal deficiency or a position on the autism spectrum or some buried childhood sexual trauma --  but because they don't have a discernable sex drive. We know some people have higher sex drives and lower sex drives, so why are we uncomfortable with the notion that some sex drives are so negligible as to represent no factor at all in the lives of their owners?  Asexuals have formed organizations to promote visibility. They have a flag. They march in parades. But they're a long way from any kind of mainstream acceptance. Meet them today. 
David Jay - Wesleyan University graduate, founder of Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Kathy Way - Middletown resident
Tony Bogaert - Professor of Community Health Sciences and Psychology, Brock University. Author, "Understanding Asexuality."
Julie Decker (aka swankivy) - Asexuality awareness author and educator