Breasts In The Sports World

How have women's bodies changed the way they approach athleticism?

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Megan Greenwell.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Breasts In The Sports World
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Breasts In The Sports World

You could argue that two trends are in a state of modern collision. Women are hitting puberty earlier than they used to, and their breasts are arriving in larger sizes.  There's a complex matrix of factors making this happen.

Average bra size in the fifties was a B. A British bra manufacturer now makes an L cup. Meanwhile, we're watching an explosion in women's sports driven here in the U.S. at least partly by Title IX.

Why are these two things on a collision course?

Because large breasts are a detriment in just about any sport you can think of: from tennis to mixed martial arts. But nobody ever talked about this -- except in the most salacious terms -- until ESPN - The Magazine recently tackled it.

So today, a little on the history of breasts and breast size, and a lot about breasts and sports.

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I ride horses and compete in dressage & jumping -
I wear the highest No Bounce bra's on the market - bouncing breasts during sitting trot is unseemly to watch ! Plus they pull the rider forward and out of balance .
Also slow my climbing on my bike .

No room for large breasts and sports !