Colin McEnroe Show: Capitalizing On Our 'Cognitive Surplus'

Is the Internet helping us pass our free time more productively?

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Colin McEnroe Show: Capitalizing On Our 'Cognitive Surplus'
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Colin McEnroe Show: Capitalizing On Our 'Cognitive Surplus'

The effect of the Internet on culture is one of those subjects where all I seem to want to do is disagree with whomever I'm talking to. So today, in my interview with Internet apostle Clay Shirky, I'll probably annoy him with my current theories about the ways in which web culture is subtly easing us in to a bland, superficial averageness. 

But later this summer I hope to interview author Nicholas Carr, who believes that the Internet is subtly easing us into a bland, superficial averageness, and I kind of think he's wrong about that. 
Certain insights are indisputable: We are in the midst, as Shirky writes, of an eyeblink revolution. Overnight, the rules of communication changed and broadened.
Also indisputable, a lot of these changes are going to happen whether we think they're good ideas or not. Today, Clay Shirky on how the Internet harnesses our brains for good.
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