Faith Middleton Show: The Connecticut Hospice Arts Program

Offering patients and their families a chance to connect through art

Faith Middleton Show: The Connecticut Hospice Arts Program
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Faith Middleton Show: The Connecticut Hospice Arts Program

Creativity is a fundamental life force, whether you express your own, or find yourself in the presence of something that reaches you - a painting, sculpture, photograph, a handmade quilt, or a piece of music.  The list of things that can speak to us is endless, from cooking to watching animals or dancers.

That's why I'm interested in the arts program at Connecticut Hospice, a beautiful residence and medical unit overlooking Long Island Sound in Branford, Connecticut.

The clients are there for end of life care, and the care they receive is remarkable.  That the arts program there offers them creative expression is, to me, a gorgeous testimony to the idea that we are alive until we're not, creative beings until we pass from this existence to another.

So Connecticut Hospice offers patients art, music, literature, crafts, performance, and more, taught by a growing list of volunteers.  My own spouse, Fern Berman, shares her experience as a photographer and lover of painting, of the emotional impact of color throughout our lives.  I asked Fern to talk about her classes at Hospice.  And I asked music therapist, Alden Rockwell Murphy to be here.  

We start with Katherine Blossom, who directs the overall art program at Connecticut Hospice.



art seen in hospice TV commercial

Thank you. Im looking for the painting shown in an hospice commatary shown on TV<

It features a black male standing by an unlit fireplace. The painting is of a forest ?, or lots of trees, I have requested info on this painting, print from abt. 12 cancer email addresses, as of today no answers, at all. I thank you in advance. Yvonne

Powerful stuff.

Powerful stuff.