CVS Under Scrutiny by Blumenthal, Rell

The "Health Savings Pass" may not be operating in accordance with state laws

CVS Under Scrutiny by Blumenthal, Rell
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CVS Under Scrutiny by Blumenthal, Rell

The state of Connecticut is demanding documents from drug retailer CVS Caremark in a smoldering dispute over discount programs. Governor Jodi Rell has said she believes CVS could be violating state law. WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

The program at the center of the flap is Rhode Island based CVS’s Health Savings Pass. It’s a voluntary membership program that provides prescription drug discounts to customers who sign up. But Connecticut says that same discount must, under a new state law be offered to Medicaid. CVS has informed the state that if that rule is enforced, the program will become economically unfeasible, and it will discontinue the Health Savings Pass in Connecticut.

Now, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has issued a subpoena to CVS demanding documents to back up its claims. He says the threat to end the program is a potential violation of the law, and would mean a costly loss of discounts for Connecticut consumers. CVS has not yet commented on the subpoena.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.