Faith Middleton Show: The Power Of Al-Anon

Faith Middleton Show: The Power Of Al-Anon
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Faith Middleton Show: The Power Of Al-Anon

For many years on this show, we've featured the stories of alcoholics who had found the courage to stay sober, one day at a time, by going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. These recovering alcoholics we met and those who phoned in, were from all walks of life.  They had all hit bottom; lost so much, even families; and began attending AA meetings. Coming again and again to hear the stories of others who'd been there, inch by inch, they began to identify - to accept that they were alcoholics and how to live again without picking up a drink.

But what are the stories of the families and friends of alcoholics? When is the moment that you are able to say that someone you love has gone from social drinking to something much more dangerous? Where do you find the courage to confront someone you think has a problem? And how do you do it? What if he or she won't stop drinking, or tries and fails?

We talk about it all with three Connecticut members of Al-Anon. In the way that AA is for alcoholics, Al-Anon is a worldwide organization - there are many chapters in our broadcast region that offer help and mutual support for the families and friends of someone with a drinking problem. Al-Anon offers this support whether or not the problem drinker seeks help or even realizes there is a problem.  

Al-Anon is not affiliated with any religious denomination, sect , organization, political group or institution. Its members are asked not to engage in controversy or endorse or oppose any cause. There are no dues - it's self-supporting through its own voluntary contributors.



I think drinking by yourself

I think drinking by yourself or being unable to spend the day without getting drunk are solid reasons for you to consider a drinking problem. You may be able to deny it for a while, but things will only get worse, so I believe that learning how to help ease your addiction before it gets out of hand could spare you years of misery and suffering.

The Power Of Al-Anon

That was a great show and I would love to hear more. I have tried to get to Podcast and to listen on the prior shows page, but this seems to be unavailable. Why?

The Power of Al-Anon

Faith, Thank you for airing the the program on Al-Anon It was superb.
Your introduction gave the substance of the world wide fellowship of Al-Anon/Alateen, and your guests gave heart-felt testimonies to the family disease of alcoholism, and how Al-Anon and Alateen brought hope, serenity, and courage back into their lives. I am certain many of your listeners were also very enlightened. We've learned that the disease of alcoholism affects at the very least five other people. My wish is that you and your producers will find a space periodically for another segment on Al-Anon/Alateen.
With heartfelt gratitude
A faithful listener for over 30 years Maureen Martin

Inspiring show

Thank you so much for your show on Al-Anon. The stories were very inspiring. I also live with an alcoholic, now sober in AA, and I didn't realize just how much I was affected until coming to Al-Anon. The most important thing for me was that I was not alone and never have to be. I hope to hear more shows like this.

I really appreciated hearing

I really appreciated hearing from the Al-Anon speakers on yesterday's show. It helps to know one is not alone with these issues. I hope to hear additional speakers on future broadcasts.

Conversation with Al-Anon members

Thank you so much for doing this show. It was a real inspiration to hear how Gina, Wayne and Brian found hope and help for their families and themselves. I too lived with a binge drinker for many years and saw the drinking progress to full time. Connecting with others and hearing how they dealt with similar problems helps me find better ways to deal with the problems his drinking caused me. I hope you hear enough positive feedback so that you can do more shows about Al-Anon and its members. I'm sure there are others who were helped by hearing the message you and your guests shared yesterday.

Faith, I absolutely loved

Faith, I absolutely loved your show on Al-anon yesterday. It really spreads the message that is so needed for friends and families of Alcoholics. I would like to hear more of the these broadcasts. I also would like to make a suggestion to put parents of alcoholics on the next show because they are also truly affected in other ways. thanx again