Where We Live: Explorers

Climbing, hiking, spelunking and everything in between

Michael Robinson
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: Explorers
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Where We Live: Explorers

It’s been fewer than sixty years since Hillary and Norgay ascended the height of Everest, since Piccard and Walsh survived the depths of the Mariana Trench. Not even a century has passed since Peary and Amundsen traversed the North and the South poles.

But today … today more than a hundred people climb Mount Everest every year, and commercial cruise lines promise a trip to the poles for a fee and your signature on a waiver.

So what’s left? What is there still to discover?  Where, on earth, is the frontier?

Today on Where We Live we go exploring in the world of earthbound exploration. We’ll poke around in the deepest caves, we’ll peek out from the tops of the tallest trees. And we’ll try to stop and look at what we might’ve missed on our mad rush to the edges of the Earth.

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This episode was produced by Jonathan McNicol.



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