Connecticut Non Profit Creates Rx "Fruits and Veggies" Program

Wholesome Wave brings fruits and veggies voucher program to New England

Wholesome Wave
Wholesome Wave Connects Families to Fruits and Veggies
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Wholesome Wave Connects Families to Fruits and Veggies

 A Connecticut non-profit has launched a program to help at risk families make better food choices. Bridgeport-based, Wholesome Wave, has begun a pilot called the Fruit and Veggie Prescription Program in five New England cities including Boston and Portland, Maine. 

Juliette Storch is Wholesome Wave's chief operating officer: Storch says the non profit's mission is to bring local produce to underserved communities given the fact 36 million Americans do not have access to grocery stores.
The Fruit and Veggie RX program is one of three initiatives Wholesome Wave has created to connect families with healthy food. Storch explains how the pilot is set up:
"There's a primary care physician that makes a referral to a healthy clinic. You would get measured, you would complete a survey, you would receive nutritional counseling. You would then receive a prescription that could be redeemed at a local's farmers market and you would come back every month for an update and re-evaluation."
Storch says the prescription amounts to a $100 month for a family to redeem at local farmers markets.  The Fruit and Veggie Rx program will continue until the end of the season.  Wholesome Wave hopes to expand the program to other communities including in Connecticut. And in the future, Storch says the non profit hopes the program can be sustained by public and insurance dollars as part of a strategy to combat childhood obesity.  
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