DEA Wants Your Old Prescription Drugs

The federal drug agency is holding take back events across the country

By James Gentry, Flickr CC
DEA Wants Your Old Prescription Drugs
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DEA Wants Your Old Prescription Drugs

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration is launching a nationwide initiative this weekend to curb prescription drug abuse and theft.

The DEA is holding prescription drug take-back events across the country this Saturday.
Assistant Special Agent in Charge for DEA Taskforces in Connecticut and Rhode Island, Brian Crowell says the take-back event was held in New Jersey last year and more than 9000 pounds of prescription drugs were collected.
He says law enforcement officials collect the drugs at drop off sites, no questions asked.
"A person can pull up at the designated location they don't need to get out of their vehicles they can just put their prescription drugs that are no longer needed into a collection box right at the drivers side door and go on their way."
Crowell says the biggest prescription drug threats come from pain medications like oxycontin and hydrocodone that are found in family medicine cabinets.
"And that's what the kids take because they think its safe since it was a prescribed medicine albeit it's not prescribed for them. They take it and they can have tragic results right away or they can turn into opiate addicts, they can't find pharmaceutical pills on the street anymore and they have to switch to heroin which is our biggest drug threat east of the Mississippi and it's fueled by the illicit use of the pain meds."
The DEA says no longer is marijuana the gateway  drug; each day, 2500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time. 
Local prescription drug take back sites can be found by going to