Colin McEnroe: Grayson Hugh Makes The 'American Record'

Legendary singer Grayson Hugh talkes about his latest album.

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Grayson Hugh Explains His Career
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Colin McEnroe: Grayson Hugh Makes The 'American Record'
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Colin McEnroe: Grayson Hugh Makes The 'American Record'

Like baby ducks, we imprint on certain kinds of music at exactly the right, impressionable moment.

Mine may have been around 1970 in the midst of a musical mini-movement epitomized by the work of Steve Winwood - first in the Spencer Davis Group and then in Traffic and by Blood Sweat and Tears, especially their second release, in which the music of Erik Satie lay side by side with Traffic's "Smiling Phases" and Laura Nyro's "And When I Die," and Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child." 

This music was not merely blue-eyed soul. It was black; it was white, it was rock, it was jazz, it was blues.

It was right around that time that I wandered into a concert featuring a couple of couple of Hartford-based bands. One of them was called Portrait Blue, and when its singer, a guy about my age, opened his mouth, I just about fell over backwards. His name was Grayson Hugh, and this show has a lot of his new music, plus my yearly flu shot.

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"Beautiful baby" is all I can

"Beautiful baby" is all I can say, I fell in love with talk it over when I first heard it and this brought back memories and to see him perform it "WOW. Just brought such joy to the end of my day. I will always be singing this tuneforever.


Grayson's music has been putting a smile on my face since the 80s. This video confirms what I already knew - Grayson Hugh's God-given talent is ALWAYS amazing. Thanks for the wonderful voice, musicianship and songs!!

Love it

Mr. Grayson Hugh, thank God for blessing us with you talent and the beautiful music. I reside in the Caribbean and I really missed your music. Music I could just relax and enjoy the lyrics the music and your voice. Much thanks to you Mr. Hugh and yours and everyone else involved in putting the music together.


Where in this universe will we find an explanation for why Grayson does not have his name up on the billboards all over the blues world? So much talent.. where is everybody?

Great show

Thoroughly enjoyed the show. A thoughtful talk with a great musician. CDBABY here I come (again!).

Grayson Hugh

This was a great interview. What a super talent. Thanks for the show.

E-mail from "Stagehand"

I have known Grayson for 20 years He is an American Treasure ands one of the best songwriters around and a wonderful and loyal friend Big Mike

E-mail from Sue

I wear the name with pride. Born in Windham and raised in Stonington (before it was snobby) - my grandparents were from Baltic and Scotland CT, Willimantic and Anthony RI). They were true hardy stock New Englanders that withstood adversity and persevered with equal parts of ingenuity, no nonsense thinking and downright stubbornness. My grandfather once said - "Why go to a dentist when you have a good pair of pliers?"