Where We Vote: Dean And Jepsen Talk Lawsuit, Guns and God

Dean files Lawsuit against Jepsen, just days before the election

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Chion Wolf
Chion Wolf
Where We Vote: Jepsen and Dean for AG
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Where We Vote: Jepsen and Dean for AG

The already nasty race for Attorney General got nastier this week, with Martha Dean filing a suit over George Jepsen's eligibility for office

It's the latest, weird chapter in a story that began with Richard Blumenthal’s decision to step aside after 20 years and run for Senate. 

Susan Bysiewicz, the current Secretary of the State, abandoned her gubernatorial campaign to try and step into Blumenthal’s shoes – but a court ruled her ineligible for the position.  In stepped Democrat George Jepsen, former state Senate majority leader and Democratic state chairman. 

His challenger, Republican attorney Martha Dean has tea party support – and has openly talked about trying to reverse federal laws like the Obama administration’s health care reform.



What Other Constitutional Violations Does Martha Dean Support?

This morning we heard about some of the troubling remarks that candidate for state attorney general Martha Dean has made on the campaign trail -- but not all.

Martha has said that she would support the next governor tearing up contracts with active and retired public service workers.

In July, she told the Ridgefield Patch that, "if any of the three Republican candidates for governor won, I would support him if he failed to obtain cooperation from the state's employee unions on cost savings and needed to break their contracts."

Read her comments here:

Tom Foley told the New Haven Register earlier this month that's exactly what he'd do -- although he lied about it to a caller who asked him his position on this issue right here on Where We Live just yesterday.

So the question for Martha Dean is if she still stands behind her statement about breaking workers' contracts? And if so, doesn't she have an obligation to tell the rest of the voters of Connecticut if there are any other Constitutional violations she would support a governor trying to get away with?

Matt O'Connor
State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC)


I am so grateful for today's program. I was unfamiliar with the AG race and uncertain about my vote. As the hour wore on, Mr. Dankosky's questions were so cogent and so good at drawing out revealing comments by the guests that I ended the hour with the knowledge I needed. This format, in which two candidates discuss their positions and the issues, seems to me much more revealing than conversations with a single candidate. I hope you do more programs of this type. The program and Mr. Dankosky are local treasures. Thank you!