Colin McEnroe Show: Political Players Duke It Out On The Air

Foley and Malloy are still fighting to win the Governor's race.

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WNPR's Jeff Cohen.
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Susan Bysiewicz.
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Colin McEnroe.
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Heath Fahle.
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Colin McEnroe Show: Political Players Duke It Out On The Air
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Colin McEnroe Show: Political Players Duke It Out On The Air

On the Colin McEnroe Show today, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz restated her office's unofficial results for the gubernatorial election, which show Democrat Dannel Malloy with a lead of 3,103 votes.

Republican candidate Tom Foley joined the show and said his campaign's internal vote count show him with a lead slim enough to warrant an automatic recount. Foley also expressed irritation with Bysiewicz for releasing unofficial numbers part of the way through the official count.

Bysiewicz also laid the blame for the Bridgeport ballot shortage squarely on the city's registrars of voters. Republican state chairman Christopher Healy said his office has been making records of voting irregularities around the state, and Malloy campaign manager Roy Occhiogrosso presented his candidate's stance on the way the election has played out.

The full audio of all of that and more is here.



she is nuts

This women is incompetent and has acted totally improperly.
This women is a liar and her statements have been very inconsistent during the past few days. She needs to be dismissed immediately!!! My civil rights have been violated and she needs to be fired now.

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Well done on your recent show with Kate Mullgrew. She is most charismatic and enthralling both as an actress and a woman. I had the pleasure of witnessing first hand Ms. Mullgrew early in her career playing Mary Ryan on "Ryan's Hope", the ABC Soap where I was a studio coordinator. I told her then that she reminded me of another Kate, Hepburn. I envy your time with her.

I was also working on "Good Morning America" in the 70's when Jack Anderson sat across from G. Gordon Liddy and confronted him regarding the alleged hit, that was discussed in the White House, on Anderson. Tom Foley and Susan Bysiewicz were as riveting and simply great radio.

Keep on Keepin' on,

Fred Hull