Faith Middleton Show: How We Die

Reflections on Life's Final Chapter

Faith Middleton Show: How We Die
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Faith Middleton Show: How We Die


Attempting to demythologize the process of dying, Nuland explores how we shall die, each of us in a way that will be unique. Through particular stories of dying—of patients, and of his own family—he examines the seven most common roads to death: old age, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, accidents, heart disease, and strokes, revealing the facets of death's multiplicity.

"It's impossible to read How We Die without realizing how earnestly we have avoided this most unavoidable of subjects, how we have protected ourselves by building a cultural wall of myths and lies. I don't know of any writer or scientist who has shown us the face of death as clearly, honestly and compassionately as Sherwin Nuland does here."—James Gleick


(courtesy Knopf Doubleday Publishing)