Where We Live: Copying and Creativity

Marcus Boon speaks on his book "In Praise of Copying"

Richard Riley, Creative Commons
Where We Live: Copying and Creativity
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Where We Live: Copying and Creativity

Copying is something that we do every day, and it’s also the building block of much of our culture.  What truly gets created that’s not in some way a copy of something else?

Of course, our digital environment has amplified the importance of copying, in fields like music, fashion and journalism.
Today, a conversation with author Marcus Boon about his book “In Praise of Copying," who argues that copying is inherently human, to do so is technologically inevitable, and is really the greatest complement, (under certain circumstances).  We'll take a copycat tour, from the words of the great philosophers, to how copying shows up in Buddhism to students who plagiarize term papers, to hip-hop samples, to the ubiquitous Louis Vuitton rip-off bags
Will this “mash-up” mentality ultimately be the death of original thinking?  Are we becoming curators of pre-existing information rather than creators of new ideas?  



steal. don't copy

Good artist copy. Great artist steal. - Pablo Picasso.

All creative work is

All creative work is derivative.

Art, science -- everything new depends on the cultural foundation it grows from.

You need to better dissect the different meanings of copy, and which ones are "good" or "bad".

You should read (and then have a show featuring) Nina Paley and Question Copyright.


http://questioncopyright.org/promise -- The Surprising History of Copyright and The Promise of a Post-Copyright World

In visual arts the worst

In visual arts the worst thing an artist could hear about their work might be the word "derivative" and yet whole schools of artists derived inspiration from one another.

John should mention how the

John should mention how the RNC inadvertently and repeatedly "copied" a few WWL political photographs for RNC campaign purposes…

It's not a "mash-up." It's just GOP hubris.