Colin McEnroe Show: In the Waiting Line

And Candidates Are Jumping in a New Line to Replace Joe Lieberman

Mike McCaffrey
Colin McEnroe Show: In the Waiting Line
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Colin McEnroe Show: In the Waiting Line

Two topics today. Waiting in lines and Joe Lieberman.  I'm not sure whether there's a connection. When we first launched this program back in 2009, I approached the state Department of Motor Vehicles about the idea of doing a Salute to the DMV show, because actually think the DMV runs pretty well, considering the task that lies before it. The lines seem organized efficiently and the people at the windows are usually helpful, brisk and knowledgeable.

We never did the show because nobody -- not the commissioner's office nor the state employees union -- believed me. They just couldn't wrap their minds around the idea that I wanted to say something positive about the DMV.

Later in today's show, Paul Bass and I will discuss the second unexpected and sudden political announcement of the week. Joe Lieberman will not seek reelection And there is a line forming to take his place.



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