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Lamont on Lieberman, and the Republican leadership on Malloy

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Joe Lieberman
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Ned Lamont
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Larry Cafero
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Where We Live: Politics, Politics
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Where We Live: Politics, Politics

Republican legislators at the Capitol in Hartford have been left on the sidelines during many of the state’s tough political battles over the last few years.

With Republican Governors negotiating, or fighting with, the big Democratic majority in the General Assembly, the voice of GOP lawmakers hasn’t always been heard. 

But with a new Governor, could this be ready to change? 

Governor Dannel Malloy has signaled that he’s ready to meet Republicans on some key issues in an attempt to solve the state’s budget crisis…but one part of that plan will likely be an increase in taxes, something Republicans don’t want at all.

We’ll talk with Representative Larry Cafero about his plans to fill the budget hole - and about other items on the agenda for this legislative session: Sunday liquor sales, marijuana laws, ethics reform.

We’ll also hear from Ned Lamont – the man who nearly beat Joe Lieberman for his senate seat – about Lieberman’s decision to retire after 2012.